Looking northward at the south side of the Fairbanks Coal Bunkers, on Feb. 13, 1997. As can be seen in the picture, some of the corrugated galvanized steel panels have been removed from the upper walls and roof. (OK Lumber company, had started to dismantle the Coal Bunkers on Oct. 27, 1996.) 
   Also, the inclined steel coal conveyor was removed sometime around early December 1996. The conveyor used to extend up to, and above the balcony (left side of picture).      Photo by RSG 


There are 13 coal chutes on the south side of the Coal Bunkers, and 13 chutes on the north side. (26 total) 
Photo of south side. Feb. 13, 1997
When a person pulled down on the appropriate rope, a 13 foot long horizontal wooden lever would move, and pull a heavy steel gate upwards. 
   One of these steel gates can be seen in the photo, at the upper end of the chute. When the steel gate was made to slide upwards and open, the coal in the bunker would slide down the chute and into a waiting truck. 
   When the truck had enough coal, the person would let go of the rope, and the steel gate would fall closed. 
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