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    The Tanana Yukon Historical Society.
    Newsletter articles regarding the Fairbanks Coal Bunkers.

The Historic Aladdin Coal Tipple is a wooden structure on the side of a hill near an old coal mine entrance. The structure was used to sort and load coal in the early 1900's. It is located in the northeast corner of Wyoming. It is 1.2 miles east of Aladdin, Wyoming.
    It is now a tourist attraction and is on the National Historic Register. It is one of the last historic wooden coal tipples left in the west.

The Coal Tipple at Chama, New Mexico was built in 1924. A rare and majestic structure, its use of giant timbers and planks is similar to that of the Fairbanks Coal Bunkers. (The Fairbanks Coal Bunkers, however, had a much greater coal capacity - The Chama tipple only held 75 tons.) The Chama tipple towers nearly 60 feet above the historic railroad yard complex. The complex is part of the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad, which is owned by the states of New Mexico and Colorado.  Coal fired, steam locomotives pull passenger cars along a wonderful 64 mile tour, through the mountains.
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